I cannot scan the barcode.

You have to place the bottle with the barcode to the reader at the proper angle and distance. The barcode should be positioned perpendicularly to the axis of the scanning windows at a distance of approx. 12 cm. The reader illuminates the bottle by a strong red light. In its centre, there is a thin line, which is reflected on the bottle. This line defines the ideal position for scanning the barcode. The reader can scan barcodes oriented vertically as well as horizontally. Check if the barcode is not folded or damaged. The reader can scan all the codes according to the EAN13 standard. If it scans the code but does not find given item in the database, it displays a message that the item is unknown. If it fails to scan the code at all and you are sure that you are doing everything right, contact us at servis@decibar.cz

After weighing, the display shows incorrect values.

Decibar is equipped with a sensitive strain sensor, which should be calibrated at least once a year. The lower limit of 0 kg is calibrated automatically upon every switch on; therefore nothing can be placed on the scale when switching on the device. The upper limit of 5 kg is calibrated approximately once a year. The calibration procedure is described in the manual.

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