Eliminates losses in your bar


Identifies the bottle using integrated barcode reader. For example, Bergvodka Pure.

Measures the amount of the beverage in an unfinished bottle. For example, Bergvodka 0.42 l.

Saves the data into the device's memory. The device can store the last three inventories.

Calculates stock and revenue in Decibar Inventory SW, or exports the data to Excel or to .CSV or .XML format.

Allows adding your own items even without a barcode, e. g. coffee, tea, cigarettes, non alcoholic beverages etc. Calculates the complete bar inventory.

Intuitive operation facilitates your staff’s work. They simply press the START button at the beginning of stocktaking and the STOP button when it is finished. In the meantime, they just place the bottles to the reader and on the scale.

Simple operation makes mistake-free work possible, even for non qualified staff.

Free updates of the item database by downloading from our web. It contains the most used products by the largest manufacturers, which are regularly updated.

The battery lasts for up to 20 inventories on a single charge.