Saves money, time and nerves


We offer 35 alcoholic drinks in our bar and we use measuring cylinders for stocktaking. How much time will Decibar save us?

Identification and measurement of one item takes approx. 4 seconds. This means that even with some handling, your measurement will be finished in 3 minutes. You simply connect the device to your computer and transfer the data to the Decibar Inventory SW, which calculates the revenue. The software memorizes the final stock from the previous inventory and uses this data as the initial values for the current inventory. You can enter transfers to the bar, or enter the number of whole bottles so that you do not have to measure them. Then you calculate the total revenues by just two clicks. The software is very simple and much easier to work with compared to Excel. It also allows exporting data to Excel or to .CSV/.XML format, which can be used in most cashier and restaurant systems.

Does the software also calculate the stock of non alcoholic drinks, coffee, tea or coins?

Yes, you can even choose from two methods. Either you generate the barcode for the given items in some other software and print it. Then you enter the appropriate weight and load it during stocktaking just as you do with alcoholic drinks, or you add it to the table of added items during stocktaking, where you can enter piece numbers.

Does the operation of Decibar require any training?

No. The operation is intuitive and simple. At the beginning of stocktaking, you press the START button and then you place the bottles to the barcode reader and then on the scale. Decibar will only allow you to carry out the appropriate operation. After scanning and weighing all the bottles, you finish the inventory by pressing the STOP button. Then you transfer the scanned data to Decibar Inventory SW through USB; the software will then calculate the revenue.

What is the price of Decibar Inventory SW?

It’s free! The software is included in the package; when purchasing Decibar, you also obtain the unlimited licence for Decibar Inventory SW.

Which operating system does Decibar Inventory SW require?

As standard, it is Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Should you be interested in a version for Linux, Mac or Android, contact us.

How accurate is the measurement?

Compared to other methods, Decibar is significantly more accurate. Reading levels in evaluation cylinders is usually inaccurate and, moreover, the level height is considerably influenced by temperature, which causes significant differences when measuring bottles stored in a refrigerator or at room temperature. Furthermore, the glass producers are not able to manufacture all the bottles in the same way. Sometimes the bottle has thicker bottom glass, which shifts the level upwards and impacts the measured values. These minor differences between bottles are of course reflected in their weight. This is why we weighed thousands of bottles for you and continue in weighing them to get the mean weights of individual bottles and to minimize possible deviations. We dare say that there is no other method of measuring the amount remaining in bottles that could be compared to Decibar in terms of accuracy.

What if I make a mistake during weighing?

Errors are practically impossible. However, if by chance you scan and weigh one bottle twice, you can return to the step, where the mistake was made, by pressing the BACK button.

Is it possible to use the device without a computer?

Yes. Decibar has its own internal memory and measured values can be read from its display.

How long will Decibar last on a single charge?

That is a complex question. The power consumption is mainly influenced by the period, for which the barcode reader is activated. We managed to carry out over 20 inventories including 30 items each.

Is it possible to use Decibar for common weighing?

Yes. By switching the working mode by pressing START and STOP together, you start the weighing mode, which operates similarly to common scales. It weighs to the nearest 1 gram.

What is the price of the device?

The price is EUR 699, and that includes the device itself and the program Decibar Inventory SW for carrying out the complete inventory.

How is Decibar connected to the computer?

Through USB using the included cable. Then the Decibar Inventory SW application is set up from the installation CD; it allows for the downloading of data from Decibar, processes it and exports it to other applications. Decibar Inventory SW also allows for the managing and editing of the database, updating the data from the central server, or entering custom items.

We use Excel spreadsheet for inventories. Is it possible to enter data from Decibar to it?

Yes. Decibar Inventory SW allows for the easy export of the data to the Excel format.

We are using a restaurant system. Is it possible to connect it to Decibar?

Yes, you can export data from Decibar Inventory SW to commonly used formats such as .CSV or .XML, which can be handled by most restaurant systems.

What if we buy alcoholic drinks from a small producer, whose products are not in the Decibar database?

You can add your custom items to the database.

What if the manufacturer changes the shape of bottles?

We regularly update the database in cooperation with the largest alcohol producers. The current version is available for download on this website.

We record inventories to registration sheets in writing. We do not use a computer. How can be Decibar useful for us?

You can measure the remaining amount in bottles and write down the measured values from the control display to the sheet. You do not have to use cylinders or any other comparing scales.

You state that the recovery period is shorter than one year for 73% stores. How did you obtain this value?

We carried out a market survey, contacting over 1000 stores. We asked them how much time they spend carrying out inventories and what are their costs of inventories. By converting the time savings on inventories into cost savings, we obtained a conclusion regarding the recovery period. We did not take into account the losses caused by impairment of alcoholic beverages by spill-overs nor the losses caused by the bringing in of one’s own alcohol nor the working time of the store managers, who are often present during inventories.