Quick, accurate and comfortable bar inventory


Saves money because it takes much less time for your staff to carry out the inventory.

Minimizes errors. Automatic data recording and transfer prevents the entering of incorrect names or values.

Does not impair the beverages by spill-overs, which increases your customers‘ satisfaction.

Allows you to reduce stock thanks to a more frequent inventory, which takes only 5 to 10 minutes.

Enhances your control over your bar thanks to random quick inspection stocktaking.

Allows more frequent shift changeover. Shorten the weekly shifts to the short/long workday mode and your staff will always be fresh and efficient.

Increases revenue by limiting sale of alcohol brought in “from the street”.

Increases efficiency. More frequent stocktaking gives you better control over the impact of sales promotions on revenues.

Saves money thanks to free updates of the product database. You do not have to buy new cylinders or scales when changing offered goods or in case of bottle facelifts.